Pauteñitas (Cuenca) Group's story

The Pauteñitas Communal Bank is composed of a group of working men and women who struggle daily to improve their businesses and thus, increase their incomes for their households. They live in Paute canton, where the largest hydroelectric facility in the country is located. The climate is hot and the majority of the population engages in flower-raising and cultivating various fruits, including apples, pears, etc.

Jessica lives in the community of Uchupud, located in Paute canton. This is her 1st loan with the Foundation and she was invited by all her friends who belong to this communal bank. Jessica sells food in the Paute market. She began 3 months ago, working Sunday through Sunday, from 8:00am until 4:00pm. She has also cared for a farm for 2 years, where she is given a house to live in.

Jessica is 33 years old, lives with a partner, and has 2 daughters, aged 16 and 14, who study in a local school. Her husband is a construction assistant. They don't have their own house. Her loan will be invested in purchasing foodstuff for her business to continue growing, and this is her principal goal.

Rosa lives in the community of La Virginia in Paute canton. She is 45 years old, single, and has a 19 year old son who studies in a rural 'school by satellite' and works in agriculture. She too lacks her own home and lives in her parents' house.

Rosa takes care of the house and raises animals, including guinea pigs, pigs, and chickens, and also works in agriculture. She has a business selling vegetables in the Paute market but only on Sundays. This is her 3rd loan with the Foundation, and she will invest it in her vegetable business. Her dream is to finally have her own house.

In this group: Maria Jesus, Gloria Ines, Maria Transito, Rosa Martha, Jessica Eva, Angel Vicente*, Juan Bautista
*not pictured

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Harold Dana Sims, PhD

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