On October 4, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti and eastern Cuba as a Category 4 storm, causing massive destruction and severe damage to much of the region. Relief agencies are racing to deliver supplies across the island, but an estimated 900 people have tragically lost their lives and there is now a high risk of a cholera outbreak due to contaminated water sources.

We reached out to our partners in Haiti, and fortunately Palmis, Fonkoze and D&E's staff are all safe. They are working on resuming their activities and checking in with their clients to evaluate the situation with the hope that casualties remain minimal.

Unfortunately, when the hurricane hit the town of Les Anglais, EarthSpark’s team, solar energy microgrid and customers were at the very center of the storm. Thankfully all EarthSpark team members are safe and accounted for, but most Les Anglais homes and businesses were destroyed or severely damaged, including those connected to the EarthSpark microgrid. EarthSpark is now working with stakeholders on reconstruction efforts to redistribute electricity to the town.

Here at Kiva, our thoughts are with the people of Haiti and all areas affected by the storm. The news is heartbreaking but the past has shown us how much can be achieved when people come together to take action in hard times. We will continue to update lenders who supported these projects as we receive more information.

EarthSpark works to provide high-quality, affordable clean energy products to the people of Haiti
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