Wow! We can’t believe how fast the last four months have flown by. As KF27’s fellowships draw to a close we asked them to share with us one lesson they learned in the field:


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“I have learnt that an office is definitely not the best place to work. Under a mango tree or having a Borrower Verification meeting in the car can also be productive!”

Aradni Liakis | Haiti



“I've learned the value of being disconnected.“

Laura Mortara | Colombia



“I've learned that horrible life experiences can't diminish a vocational passion - eyebrow threading! Hanan is an Iraqi refugee in Kentucky whose salon was burned down in Baghdad in 2003. Her upcoming Zip loan will allow her to open a new salon.”

Josie Raymond | Louisville, USA



“I've learned how important it is to live the dreams you imagine.”

Sara Wilf | San Francisco, USA


11836697_10153463033456605_7268686634818219147_n.jpg11838802_10153463033451605_318939862484469887_o.jpg”I've learned that Armenians can be wonderfully resourceful!”

Mark McDonagh | Armenia



“I've learnt that strange things become familiar eventually. Whether it's getting used to a new city, hanging out with a new crowd, starting out with a new partner or navigating PA2. It's a simple lesson that bears repeating and I keep telling myself this so that eventually I'll be able to walk out onto my apartment balcony in Jakarta without my knees shaking!”


Kate O’Brien | Jakarta, Indonesia


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