1. Kiva works with partners all over the world - and in 86 countries!
Kivans are GIF and donut enthusiasts.

3. Before Kiva, Kivans worked at cool places with a variety of professional backgrounds, like NASA, eBay, Barclays, Peace Corps, and the World Bank.
4. Over $271 in loans are made per minute.
5. A former Kivan starred on Nickelodeon’s “Salute Your Shorts” – 90’s kids we know you’re jealous.

6. Students can learn about microfinance and lending via a video game on our Kiva U platform. http://www.kiva.org/kivau/game

7. President Obama gave Kiva a shoutout.
8. The Kiva office values teamwork, even our office dogs collaborate with us.

9. One of our interior walls is covered in maps and currency from all over the world that’s been brought back by our traveling fellows and staff members.

10. Kivans can belt a tune: we’ve been known to indulge in a Karaoke song or ten.
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