Our 27th Kiva Fellow class has been in the field for a few weeks now and we’re excited to share a few of their sights and experiences getting settled into the new countries, new homes and new assignments. We asked our fellows, “What made you smile this week?” and here are some responses:

Carly Schwartz | Mexico City, Mexico
“Two guys ran into the middle of the largest, busiest thoroughfare, Avenida de los Insurgentes in Mexico City, to perform and solicit donations every time there’s a red light.”

Supharin Chatt | Bay Area, United States
“Randomly running into a Kiva Zip borrower serving her signature Chino Latino beverages with the biggest and most genuine smile!”

Laura Joy | Colombia
“Hearing this borrower excitedly talk about his workshop and passion for making traditional wooden toys like this spinning top!”

Kate O’Brien | Cambodia
“Having a coconut delivered to my desk instead of my usual double latte”

Erin Power | Los Angeles, United States
“My first borrower, Angela successfully reached her funding goals on Kiva Zip for her gumbo business. She was really excited for me to try her vegan and regular gumbo specialities!”

Karen MacKay | Chicago
“Had an amazing breakfast with a funded Kiva borrower at his restaurant serving chicken sausages! It was amazing!” 
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