Flash back to 8:30 on Monday morning: Brace yourself, that hot coffee in your hand is about to become useless. Behind the Kiva doors lies the reason why: our newest fellows class, the 26th(!!!) Kiva has sent into the field, has descended on our headquarters in San Francisco for a week of training. 
Last week was, simply put, a whirlwind. We welcomed 34 new fellows to the Kiva family from an amazing 12 different countries and sought to teach them everything they’d need to know for their assignment. Our farthest fellow is traveling from San Francisco to South Africa this week but others will be joining her across the world in places like India, Peru, Samoa and even New York City. Below are highlights from training week, be sure to follow their work via #KF26 on Twitter and Instagram.
It’s a takeover! A few fellows took over our Instagram account last week and shared Fellows Week from their perspective.
Fellows training isn’t all fun and games, but sometimes it is. The red ball gets passed around as the fellows answer questions.

Study, study: KF26 gets to work learning everything they can about Kiva, the partners they’re visiting and our borrowers.

During graduation each fellows pins their tag where they’re going on the world map.

The whole office cheers on the fellows as they graduate - it’s really exciting!

A wild and crazy bunch – good luck, KF26!

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