Connecting lenders around the world with borrowers in India
Who are they?
Milaap means 'connecting people' in Hindi and Urdu. The organization enables individuals all over the world to give a loan to the working class of India – students, small businesses, and families - who need a small amount of capital to get ahead and change their lives for the better.
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Together Association for Development and Environment (TADE)
Supporting entrepreneurship in Egypt
Who are they?
TADE is a small NGO working to improve the environment and livelihoods in rural regions of Egypt. TADE provides low-income Egyptians with business classes and individualized entrepreneurship coaching, as well as loans. The organization also works to improve community health by establishing community sewer systems, composting programs and housing improvement programs.
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Supporting the education of students at technical institutions
Who are they?
Fondesurco is a microfinance institution in Peru with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability that serves rural communities in the southern part of the country. Borrowers will use loans to buy non-GMO, climate change resistant seeds, prevent erosion, install efficient irrigation systems, reforest their lands, buy organic fertilizers and insecticides, compost, and more.
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