There were too many posts from our fellows in the field to choose from, so we had to double up and share some more with you this week!

Caroline Dorr, KF25 in Timor-Leste

I was so happy to find this little coffee shop here in Timor-Leste! Although many farmers grow coffee here, most Timorese coffee beans are exported and roasted abroad. It can actually be pretty difficult to find a cup of Timor coffee that has been grown and roasted on this small island country. This particular coffee shop sells high quality speciality coffees that have been processed right here in Timor-Leste and the result is delicious! 

Mariana, KF25 in Mozambique

Happy people make me happy. A smile always makes me smile.
Kids looking at their photo in a tiny little camera screen does the trick every time.

Susan Lee, KF25 in Malawi

A visit from Kiva Nairobi staff made me happy this week!!! Check out the Pig Farmer Outfits!!!

Vardah Malik, KF25 in Vietnam 

I was walking by a popular lake in Hanoi and saw a pretty decent work-out area set up, right on the edge of the lake. People were lifting weights, doing pull-ups, building abs, all sorts of exercises. How nifty- working out outside, with an awesome view and it's there for public use, so no need for a gym membership. Usually you see folks taking a stroll around the lake, eating ice-cream, relaxing...and then you run in to this a smile out of me.

Nadia Al-Absy, KF25 in Amman, Jordan

Notice that baby alligator on my friend Mohamed's shirt? When I pointed it out to him he responded, "Be careful, the baby shark bites too!" According to Mohamed, this is an American saying. I've never heard it before. Has anyone? Anyway, it cracked me up.

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