Is there anything that duct tape doesn’t fix? Keep your trip intact with these duct tape solutions recommended by Kiva employees and volunteers.


1. Keep feet happy.

Applying duct tape to your heels will keep blisters at bay whether you’re backpacking in Peru, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or urban hiking through any city.


2. Smell like a spring day (or at least don’t stink).

No clean clothes and no access to a washer/dryer? After a quick handwash, hang your clothes up on a duct tape clothesline. Just roll two long pieces of tape, twist them together, and attach the ends to the nearest wall or tree. If needed, use smaller pieces of tape as clothespins.

3. Deal with luggage disasters.

Fix a tear, reinforce a broken handle, create a padded strap if your shoulders are giving in, or even deter thieves by taping over zippers.

4. Unleash your inner designer.

Forgot your flip-flops? Follow in the footsteps of Cheryl Strayed, author of “Wild,” and craft your own pair of sandals using duct tape and cardboard.

5. Stay plugged in.

Overseas you’ll often find outlets placed in the middle of the wall. Use duct tape to hold the weight of your adapters and converters into the outlet when it’s too heavy to charge properly.


Has duct tape ever held your trip together? Share your creative duct tape solutions with us!


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