It has already been 4 months since our 23rd class of Kiva Fellows left our HQ in San Francisco and headed to work directly with our partners and borrowers in the field! Over that time, they’ve shared some inspiring experiences and captured quite a few incredible snapshots. We’ve compiled some of our favorites that will help give a glimpse into what four months in the life of a Kiva Fellow really looks like.

Zach Land-Miller sees two young boys walking home from school on a country road in Bolivia.

David Taliaferro visits a small farmer in Louisville, Kentucky who needed to purchase a tractor in order to increase his farm’s efficiency.

Mariana Oom was inspired by the strong, resilient women she met in India, like Hebun, who runs a small cosmetics shop to pay for her daughters’ educations.

A slice of life is captured in a market in Mombasa, Kenya by David Picciao.

Caleb, a metal worker in Nairobi, Kenya, shows Kiva Fellow Tiffany Vlaanderen the variety of products he makes.

Kiva Fellows are adventurous: Christine introduces Matt Ramirez to jackfruit, a enormous, spiky fruit that is bountiful in Uganda.

When Katrina Ngo visited borrowers in the western reaches of Kenya she met up with the Kemera group, a small agricultural cooperative, as they took a break from the hot mid-day sun.

A magnificent sunset over Lake Titicaca rounds out Zach Land-Miller work in Bolivia.
We’re so proud of the work KF23 has accomplished, you can read more about their adventures at our fellows blog!

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