Meet Otis. He’s a happy guy who loves helping others and has been saving up his milk bones to make a loan on Kiva. We’re going to follow along as he gets acquainted with a new feature that can help him find loans he loves!

Time to start! First things first, the Kiva Lend page. Just need to find a borrower to fund, easy as peanut butter pie. 
1,838 loans to choose from! That sure does give a dog a lot of options - how to find someone I connect with?
Aha! Filters! 
Naturally, Otis is a fan of the underdog. And food.

Also a travel nut, Otis wants to fund people in some of his favorite countries.
There we go, 3 loans to choose from! That’s helpful! I’ll click the star to save this search so I can find these types of loans again.
And sign up for emails when new loans become available so I can keep helping people in my favorite places!

Now I can visit these searches, or manage my searches.
Then I can delete them, visit or sign up for email alerts.

This will be so helpful for my more hard to come by loans - like ones that are country or sector-specific.
Can’t wait to be emailed alerts so I can help even more people!

Time for a game of fetch to celebrate!


Thanks, Otis, for walking us through this new feature. We know it will make your lending experience easier - and we hope it helps other people too!

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