Kiva’s lending community has helped improve the lives of more than one million borrowers around the world in the past 8 years. Our lenders are the driving force behind Kiva’s success, so it’s with great enthusiasm that we welcome new faces into that family through an exciting partnership with the HP Company Foundation. 
Beginning February 25, each of HP’s thousands of employees will receive a $25 credit to lend to a small business owner on Kiva.
Together with HP’s employees, we hope to help change another million lives for the better. We’re setting our sights high, but given the HP community’s commitment to helping others, we know it’s possible.
That generous and compassionate spirit is part of HP’s DNA. Each year HP employees support the many communities in which they live and work by sharing their expertise, skills and time. HP’s volunteerism policy allows employees to use four paid hours each month for volunteer efforts. During 2013, HP employees around the world donated more than 1.7 million hours to volunteer projects for a total value of more than US $110 million.
We’re proud to be partnering with the HP Company Foundation, whose continued commitment to improving people’s lives across the globe connects with the values of the Kiva community. 
You can visit the HP team page to see how they’re doing on their quest to Matter to a Million!

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