Little ones were buzzing about the office yesterday in celebration of Bring Your Child to Work Day!

Proud Kiva dads and their tots at Kiva HQ in San Francisco.

Celebrated the fourth Thursday of April since 1993, Bring Your Child to Work Day is a national holiday created to give kids of all ages a peek into the working world.

We kept them busy all day with a variety of projects (and pizza and cookies). Older kids had the opportunity to shadow employees with careers they are interested in, while younger kids just ate up the opportunity to hang out with mom or dad at their work!

In celebration of Earth Day -- which was last Monday, April 22 -- the kids planted grass in jars that they decorated themselves!

They also colored pictures for their parents, played with lots of balloons, and joined Kiva staff for a pizza party followed by cookie decorating! (You may not find it hard to imagine that our BIG kids were just as excited about the pizza and cookies as the little ones were!)


It was such a treat to have all of their smiling faces in the office and we are already counting down the days until they are back next year (and making their first loans to borrowers worldwide!).

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