April recently became known as the Month of Microfinance (MoMF). But what does that actually mean?

For us at Kiva, Month of Microfinance is both a great partner organization and an activist movement that engages people in lending for change. Both were inspired by a growing, active, empowered community exploring the potential of microfinance to end poverty and transform lives around the world.

Kiva is excited to partner with MoMF again this year and encourage our incredible, impassioned community to participate in April 2013! There are a number of ways to get your school or community involved, whether it’s hosting an awareness-raising event on your campus, or making a loan on the Kiva website.

High school students present on Kiva's role in microfinance in their classroom.

You can check out some great ideas for getting involved in the Month of Microfinance, visit our friends with more ideas on the MoMF website, or get inspired by this Kiva blog post on activities from last year.

When you or your teammates host or participate in a MoMF event, be sure to share, tag, pin, like, or tweet about it! When you do, include the hashtag #kivamomf and we'll retweet and reshare your amazing efforts to financially empower others.

Have more questions about Month of Microfinance? Send them to blog@kiva.org.

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