It's a day we (and many Kiva fans) have been waiting for -- for a long time:

The book The International Bank of Bob is officially out today! It chronicles the journey of Bob Harris, author, television writer and Kiva superlender, as he circles the globe meeting borrowers and seeing firsthand how small loans have changed their lives. We couldn't be more excited!

First thing's first. If you love Kiva, this is the book for you, and you can pick a copy up here.

What's really amazing -- aside from the remarkable people that Bob had the chance to visit and speak with -- is what everyone whose read it is saying: 

"Give this book your time. It will pay you back." -- Joss Whedon, filmmaker, The Avengers

"Joyous, humane, and inspiring." -- Arianna Huffington

"Heartwarming and fascinating (and also laugh-out-loud funny)." -- Travel+Leisure

We're humbled, flattered, and delighted to have such big names talking about Kiva -- and to have an author as witty and humanitarian as Bob telling the world about the power of microfinance.

Want to get a taste of Bob's writing? He's right here on the Kiva Blog, dispensing expert travel advice and trying his hand at making fireworks in Nicaragua with borrower Luis Alberto.

Here at Kiva, we love hearing and telling stories about Kiva borrowers and how loans have helped them succeeed. The International Bank of Bob is a unique treasure trove of just that. We hope you'll give it a read.

Grab your copy of The International Bank of Bob today!

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