That's right! Since its inception a mere 7 years ago, Kiva has helped serve up more than $400 million in loans to borrowers around the world. That's 524,572 loans making the world a better place for 971,438 borrowers with 99% repayment rate. An incredible achievement -- that we owe entirely to you, our lenders. 

Exactly how much is $400 million? We're glad you asked. It's approximately the same as:
  • 114 million Starbucks lattes.
  • 130 million gallons of gas in the U.S.
  • 571 million packages of M&Ms.
In short, we applaud you! On behalf of our staff, our partners and our borrowers, thank you so much for your generous support.

Now let's see about getting to that $1 billion mark...

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