Rizwana Tabbasum with her products displayed
Yesterday, during visiting last client of Kiva’s partner, ‘Kashf foundation’ for Borrower Verification Process.  I visited an other Kiva client home, Rizwana Tabasum. Though she was not included in my BV list, I felt fortunate to have a meeting & greeting with this simple lady.

After walking from a very congested street of Haripur village, Pakistan, all of my tirdness got vanished once I have seen her excellent work.  The talented lady is making home décors  by using spare part of clothes which were thrown away by tailors & wasted stuff including glass bottles.

She than wash the bottles and cut the flowers from the collected pieces of clothes and than decore glass bottles with those flowers.She is taking care of her small family by selling these items and is taking this as her hobby.
decorated glass

She also mentioned that previously she didn’t have access to the market and retailers used to purchased her product at a very low cost. But through Kashf foundation’s  Business Incubation Lab (BIL), where Kashf Foundation is displaying products of their clients and making them aware to do better business by eliminating a middle men between clients and market. She is now selling her these beautiful handmade products in a very good price and saving for her children future as well. 

If you would like to help Kashf Foundation reach more people like Rizwana, click partner_id=245&status=fundRaising&sortBy=Most+Recent to browse their loans fundraising on Kiva. 
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