Entering my last week as a Kiva Fellow in Puerto Rico, I want to share some insights as to what my experience has been like.

What surprised me the most is the number of amazing people I’ve met since I arrived, and the friendships built these past few months. I came here with no expectations, only with the desire to spend my time in a project that would contribute to another person’s dreams.

I can’t thank enough to Denisse Rodríguez, Kiva Fellow in Puerto Rico, for welcoming me so open heartedly. More than a colleague, I found a friend from whom I’ve learned a lot both personally and professionally. I’m also grateful to the community of Kiva borrowers and trustees in Puerto Rico, for making my job so easy! It was a pleasure to work with people committed to the betterment of Puerto Rico.
Here with most of Kiva borrowers during last Sunday's Marketplace activity

A special shout out to my friends at Foundation for Puerto Rico, Centro para Emprendedores, ConPRmetidos, Inversión Cultural, for making work fun and becoming my family during these last 4 months. You are all doing an amazing job and wish lots of success!

I encourage anyone interested in becoming a Kiva Fellow to apply here and join the Puerto Rico team! And of course, please support Puerto Rican entrepreneurs with a Kiva loan here: https://zip.kiva.org/loans/s/puertorico
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