My first visit to TriFusion Yoga is through a reference from April Spears, one of our Kiva Zip borrowers in Bayview. When I first walked in I was greeted with a relaxing scent from an incense and a friendly smile of Armando Luna, the owner of this awesome looking and peaceful yoga studio. The studio to me reflects potential economic growth to Bayview community and Armado’s passion for yoga. Despite a serious concern of the neighborhood over itsgang activities and petty crime, the studio stands to offer a great variety of yoga classes from Parent/Toddler Yoga to Senior Chair/Wall Yoga to the community.

He first started off as a yoga instructor for one of the yoga studios in SOMA San Francisco. Then he realized the possibility of introducing yoga to Bayview where he has been living for over twenty years and he saw the potential of a growing numbers of prospective client in the community as a result of greater economic development. His studio, Trifusion was later opened in January 2015 and has attracted clients from both inside and outside Bayview. Additionally, Armando has been working closely with Bayview Opera House where he has actively been helping with community performances and events. In return, the Opera House has referred potential clients with membership discount to his studio. As of August 20th 2015, Armando is planning to invest more on marketings and accounting system to help expand his clientele and keep his finance in check with Kiva Ziploan.

For Armando and many of his clients, Trifusion is more than a yoga studio, it is a place where they could retreat from today’s convoluted and fast-paced world and understand more about the current pace of their bodies and souls. Please feel free to check out his yoga studio at Trifusion Yoga 4734 Thrid Street, San Francisco or



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