Visiting Vian in rural Uganda took us over questionable roads through what was once forest land.

Surrounding the lopsided, mangled dirt road was a verdant landscape of densely packed farmland. Maize filled one line of sight before giving way to plantain trees, which in turn were followed by beans, or sweet potatoes, and the occasional wetland with overgrown grass. The long visible stretch to the horizon though pointed out the relative absence of trees to interrupt the view. The driver, while navigating cavernous potholes, lamented the dramatic changes over the years. In his youth he said the area was completely forest, but few traces of that original state remain.

The rapid population and economic growth of Uganda, in addition to fertile soil, has driven demand for both timber and farmland. In my meetings with borrowers climate change emerged as a prevalent challenge for their businesses, with the majority attributing the cause to deforestation.

Vian with his scale in front of his maize storage space.

Vian, the client we were meeting for this trek, is a 28 year old father of 3 who has been selling maize for 13 years. He recalls both overall trends and specific events when citing climate change as his biggest challenge. Historically predictable rainy and dry seasons have become tougher to forecast and Vian states that “after planting you expect some weather but then it cannot be predicted.” A variation in timing and duration of seasons affects harvest, prices, and success for anyone involved in agriculture which is a majority of the population. Specific events such as a fluke hailstorm that Vian recalls from this season can also destroy an entire season’s work. With so many farmers living from harvest to harvest whether they’re paying school fees, building a home, repaying loans, or just on subsistence, one bad season can have dire consequences.

For Ugandan borrowers and farmers, climate change and unpredictable weather is a real and growing threat. However, loans can allow people like Vian to better prepare for unpredictable seasons and smooth over the hardships that accompany poor harvests as a result of bad weather. To make a loan, visit and search for Hofokam today!
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