From Azerbaijan, another photo blog!  This time, no politics, no opinions - just spectacular views of one of the best regions on the planet.  Photos from the northern towns of Sheki, Zaqatala, Qax, and a couple from Georgia.

One point of clarification: any reference to 'Albanian' is about Caucasian Albanian - an ancient civilization that existed in this region, with no relation to today's Republic of Albania.

In the town of Sheki.

Walls outside the Khansarai.

Facade of the Khansarai, the summer palace of the Khans.

No nails or glue is used for the palace. Each piece carefully fits together.

The stained Murano glass imported from Italy from inside the palace.

An Albanian church in Sheki.

Craft store in Sheki.

The Caravansarai, now a hotel, in Sheki.

An Albanian church in the hilltop town of Kish.

A backstreet in Kish.

Locals passing on the road.

The melting glaciers outside Gabala form the riverbank.

The ancient town of Uplistsikhe with a more modern Georgian church.

The view from Uplistsikhe.

An abandoned 5th century Albanian church in Zaqatala. You literally have to walk through someone's backyard to find it.

The 3rd century Peri Qala - Angel's Fortress - outside Zaqatala.

The mountains above Ilisu, close to the Russian border.

Houses in Ilisu damanged by earthquakes.

The Qala in Ilisu.

Ilisu in the valley below the tower.
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