Compiled by Kathrin Gerner, KF15, Togo

This week, the fellows in Africa continue to get their bearings in the field. Learn about the importance of trust in Cameroon, find out how political instability affects businesses and microfinance in Uganda, and take a trip to a fellow’s country mountain home in Cameroon.

Trust: Members of a trust group in Rwanda wait for their loan together (by Carolyn Nold)

Instability and Microfinance in Kampala
Country: Uganda / Fellow: Michele Wehle (KF15)

Michele learns about protests in Kampala and their effects on borrowers.

A Little Trust Goes a Long Way
Country: Rwanda / Fellow: Carolyn Nold (KF15)

Carolyn shares how the principle of trust allows both her and a Rwandan lending trust group to achieve their goals.

My Country Mountain Home
Country: Cameroon / Fellow: Faith Garlington (KF15)

Faith invites us to her new country mountain home in Uganda, which is a little bit like the one of her childhood in the Smoky Mountains of Knoxville, Tennessee, yet worlds apart.

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Plus more pictures from the past week:

Uganda (by Michele Wehle)

Rwanda (by Carolyn Nold)

Cameroon (by Faith Garlington)

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