By Nilaus Hansen, KF11, Mali

5. Travel does wonders for you

Just basically true, as remarked upon by H. C. Andersen, Jack Kerouac, and countless others.

What more could you ever want?

4. See the world

Being a Kiva Fellow represents a rare opportunity to experience some of the more “out of the way “ places of the world. Not only that but you also get to understand the “real” (insert country of your choice)– the holy grail of backpackers everywhere.

3. Your fellow Fellows

KF10, Zack, Julie and trusty Kiva interns

you become part of a group of the most caring, well traveled and interesting people you are likely to come across. Sounds a bit self-aggrandizing – I know, but really we are quite fantastic.

2. A chance to make a dent in what is arguably the most pressing problem on the planet: Poverty

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Number ONE ladies and gentlemen


Whether you are a current, prospective or alumni Kiva Fellow, a lender, a borrower, Kiva staff, Kiva friend, hater, visionary or critic, a reader of “Stories from the field”, employed by or supporting a local MFI, it would not be the same without you. You are the greatest thing about being a Kiva Fellow. Thank You!

Nilaus Hansen is currently serving with Soro Yiriwaso in Mali, When not making the world unsafe for poverty or feeling guilty for not blogging enough he desperately tries to come up with something to do with his post KF life.

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