By JD Bergeron, Kiva Fellows Program Director

Perhaps a few of you noticed in the sidebar to the right that Kiva Stories from the Field recently passed 250,000 views. Started in summer 2007, the blog was intended to promote the work of Kiva Fellows in the field and to provide a view into the daily lives of these incredible, generous people doing their part to promote Kiva’s mission of connecting individuals through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.

This blog has seemingly inspired a number of other social enterprise blogs and Kiva is quite proud of the reach, breadth and enthusiasm shown toward these stories. We have recently been added to Lonely Planet’s blogsherpa program which automatically links content from specific countries to those pages on the Lonely Planet website. See Liberia for an illustration of how Kiva Fellow Dave McMurtry has become one of the voices for visitors to the West African nation.

It is our aim to continue to provide high quality personal stories and observations on a daily (or nearly daily) basis. Please share the blog with your friends. And we would love to hear your suggestions for stories you’d like to read!

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