I am sitting quietly in the cool, green room of a family operated hostel called Dos Molinos in San Pedro Sula. Shortly I will leave for a long bus ride to Tegucigalpa where I meet up with Prisma staff who will show me to my new home.

As I prepare for Monday, when I want to hit the ground running, I find it hard to focus as my mind begins to wander all over the place (though maybe it’s just the vestiges of chloroquine induced dreams…)

My boyfriend prefers professional football to college. He likes brute force of it, and feels closer to the professional teams, which represent to him, his hometown in California more than any college team could. They are old friends, and a powerhouse of activity. Me- I can’t stand football, but the only games I’ve truly enjoyed are between college teams. These are players that still play for the love of the game, for the camaraderie, to make their coach proud, for Mom, Dad and maybe a girl in the stands. They play less for the money than they do for the love.

This is like me- I want to work for the love, and not for the money. This is why I’ve left my paid job for an unpaid Fellowship, left my apartment, friends and family and most of my worldly goods to move to Honduras. I’ve already met the kindest people, sobre todo, the folks here at the Dos Molinos. I find myself thinking, somewhat pedantically, what kind, wonderful people. I’m depressed by the next thought which is, “yeah, but they are only nice to me because I represent money”.

Is that true?

Worse, is my commitment to using microfinance not only to raise the standard of living, but facilitate global connections and understanding actually condemning the world to a game of professional football, where we loose that intangible human nature for a structured, monetary interaction? I love Kiva for its commitment to people, and for using technology to make the world a little smaller, but what do we lose in doing so? And how can I minimize the loss and maximize the benefit?

What can I do to make technology real in people’s lives, relationships both personally and financially prosperous, and us all a little happier?

I will explore these questions here in the coming months here. Join me.

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