I should have been a better blogger.

After two months in the field as a Kiva Fellow, I have now returned home to speedy internet, reliable electricity, and a slightly more predictable daily schedule.  So, from my comfortable desk with my cup of coffee, I will now try to make up for a less than prolific blogging history.

It can be hard to convey the sights, sounds, challenges, and small victories that are experienced in the field, but here I will attempt to pass along a few stories that might give others a better understanding of Kiva Fellows and the field partners that so kindly put up with us.


Waiting for that elusive internet connection...

Waiting for that elusive internet connection...

During my fellowship, I was posted in Kathmandu, Nepal, where I worked with Kiva’s first and only Nepali field partner, Patan Business and Professional Women.  Over the course of two months I completed 150+ field visits and had the opportunity to experience and document the success of this small, but quickly growing, MFI.

In these catch up blogs, I will…

1) Present photo and video documentation of borrower group meetings and individual interviews.

2) Present a few short stories that demonstrate both the success and challenges of microfinance in Nepal.

3) Present a small picture of what it’s like to live and work in Kathmandu.


Coming soon….

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