Often when I visit clients with a loan officer, we show them a picture of their KIVA profile and explain that people around the world have read about them and helped to finance their loans.  Upon seeing their pictures, many blush with embarrassment.  (For many, it’s one of the few photos they’ve taken in their life.)  After a second look, a huge grin usually appears and the entrepreneur proudly shows their profile to other family members or curious neighbors.


If the clients’ stories have become famous through KIVA, Phal An’s has reached stardom.


I recently got the privilege to do a journal update for Phal An.  This came at the request of Inc.com, whose parent company helped to finance her loan.  She was a wealth of information and extremely eager to share all- about her business, her credentials, the local operating environment and her loan’s impact… So much so, that she produced enough for a blog entry, a homepage feature story and a slideshow explaining her business operations. 


She, like so many of the clients I visit, has an incredible story- waiting to be discovered.  For practical reasons and efficiency purposes (read: we want to get as many updates up for you as possible!), journal interviews usually only scratch the surface.  It was a treat to have an excuse to dig a little deeper this time- to learn more about the client’s reasons for borrowing and how the loan has played a role in her business expansion.


To find out more about Phal An, deemed the ‘the ultimate bootstrapper’ check out the following:







In truth, she is just another KIVA borrower with an incredible story waiting to be told.        









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