Hello from Uganda! I have been in Kampala for a week now and all is going very well, but I have to say I feel woefully underdressed most of the time. People on the street are by and large impeccably turned out. Looking around the Life in Africa office, the men are all wearing nice trousers and buttoned shirts, and the women are in lovely skirts and blouses. And it’s true everywhere. I have seen more beautiful ties since I’ve been in Kampala than I’ve seen in years. And women: no trooping through the streets in sneakers. You’ll be in dressy shoes wherever you are, dirt road or no.

I’ll be wearing the two skirts and one dress that I bought almost continuously, I imagine, and I’ve been working up the callouses on my feet so that I can wear my better shoes everywhere.  It just seems more respectful, somehow.  The cargo pants and t-shirts will be for slouching around in the apartment and weekend activities.

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