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Partner description:
MCE Social Capital is a nonprofit impact investing firm that makes loans to organizations that help people living in poverty improve their lives. Their innovative approach consists of activating private sector capital for microfinance institutions and social enterprises by using a guarantee system. They leverage the investment portfolios of foundations, corporations and high-net-worth individuals as a guarantee that is only used if loans are defaulted. The use of these funds results is a tax-deductible (for U.S. taxpayers) contribution to MCE. As such, no payments are made for providing the guarantee but a tax receipt is received in the event the guarantee is utilized.
Their partners’ clients are nearly 80% women, most of whom are living in rural areas, and the partners tend to offer health or business education as well. Because of their mission, MCE’s partners do overlap with some of Kiva’s Field Partners.
MCE has been selected among the top 10 finalists of USAID's PACE program and has been one of Impact Asset’s Top 50 Impact Investment Funds in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

A unique lending approach:
In 2014, MCE launched a new program, called the Frontier Fund. This fund supports small and medium enterprises led by local entrepreneurs while striving to empower women, promote agriculture and food security, or access to water and sanitation services.
The Frontier Fund aims to finance the missing middle–businesses too large to benefit from microfinance but to small or new to benefit from traditional financing–and demonstrate their impact and credit worthiness.

Repayment Performance on Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Start Date On Kiva Apr 4, 2017 Oct 12, 2005
Total Loans $100,000 $994,173,925
Amount of raised Inactive loans $0 $246,850
Number of raised Inactive loans 0 286
Amount of Paying Back Loans $100,000 $153,984,725
Number of Paying Back Loans 2 196,046
Amount of Ended Loans $0 $839,942,350
Number of Ended Loans 0 1,055,629
Delinquency Rate 35.15% 8.66%
Amount in Arrears $35,155 $8,865,405
Outstanding Portfolio $100,000 $102,333,532
Number of Loans Delinquent 2 30,827
Default Rate 0.00% 1.42%
Amount of Ended Loans Defaulted $0 $11,900,367
Number of Ended Loans Defaulted 0 34,261
Currency Exchange Loss Rate 0.00% 0.45%
Amount of Currency Exchange Loss $0 $4,517,245
Refund Rate 0.00% 0.60%
Amount of Refunded Loans $0 $5,985,075
Number of Refunded Loans 0 6,003

Loan Characteristics On Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Loans to Women Borrowers 66.67% 75.51%
Average Loan Size $50,000 $398
Average Individual Loan Size $50,000 $627
Average Group Loan Size $0 $1,756
Average number of borrowers per group 0 7.7
Average GDP per capita (PPP) in local country $54,800 $5,871
Average Loan Size / GDP per capita (PPP) 91.24% 6.78%
Average Time to Fund a Loan 11.73 days 6.92 days
Average Dollars Raised Per Day Per Loan $4,263.00 $57.53
  Average Loan Term 10 months 11.13 months

Journaling Performance on Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Total Journals 2 519,327
  Journaling Rate 0.00% 41.10%
  Average Number of Comments Per Journal 0.00 0.05
  Average Number of Recommendations Per Journal 0.00 1.14

Borrowing Cost Comparison (based on 2016 data)

    This Field Partner Median for MFI's in Country All Kiva Partners
  Average Cost to Borrower 10% APR N/A 26.33% PY
  Profitability (return on assets) 1.6% N/A -1.14%
  Average Loan Size (% of per capita income) N/A N/A 16.31%

Country Fast Facts

Field Partner Staff

Pierre Berard
Benjamin Stone