Hi! We're the Kiva Team. We work every day to ensure that your loan dollars make a difference for borrowers around the world. We come from a vast array of countries and backgrounds, but we have one thing in common: we're all passionate about Kiva's mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Interested in joining our team? Check out Kiva's open positions here.


Premal Shah
Austin Choi
General Counsel
Lisa Hogen
Chief Development Officer
Sam Mankiewicz
Chief Technical Officer
Rick Levenson.
Vice President, Engineering
Katherine Woo
Chief Product Officer
Giovanna Masci
Vice President, Global Partnerships
Jacob Schultz.
Vice President of People
Jonny Price.
Senior Director, Kiva Zip


Bennett Grassano
Senior Director, Development
Karen Little
Director of Development
Lisa Hogen.
Chief Development Officer
Liezl van Riper
Director, Development - East Coast
Julie Campbell
Development Coordinator
Jessica Feingold
Development Manager, East Coast
Valerie Bellande
Development Manager (West Coast)

Marketing & Communications

Chelsa Bocci
Senior Director, Marketing & Community
Kate Kleinschmidt
Senior Manager, Online Marketing
Laura Piper
Manager, Community Support
Ryan Little
Video Production Manager
Jessica Hansen
Education Development Manager
Jason Riggs
Director, Communications and Media Alliances
Brandon Smith
Community Marketing Coordinator
Taylor Whitfield
Community Support Coordinator
Aurora Lee
Content Coordinator
Talea Miller
Content Manager
Hania Abu-Eid
Communications Manager

Global Partnerships

Giovanna Masci.
VP of Global Partnerships
Juan Barbed
Portfolio Manager, Mexico, Central America, & the Caribbean
Newton Nthiga
Portfolio Officer, Anglophone Africa
Michael Looft
Regional Director, Europe & Asia
Cher Jacques
Regional Director, Africa
Saheba Sahni
Portfolio Manager, South Asia & the Middle East
Dave Koken
Portfolio Associate, South & Southeast Asia & the Pacific
Meg Gray
Partnerships Operations Manager
Kathrin Gerner
Portfolio Associate, Francophone Africa
Kate Bennett
Portfolio Associate, South America
Claire Markham
Portfolio Associate, Anglophone Africa
Carlos Pierre
Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Claudine Emeott
Director, Strategic Initiatives
Kathy Guis
Portfolio Manager, Francophone and North Africa
Jonathan Bloom
Portfolio Manager, South America
Cynthia McMurry
Regional Director, Latin America & the Caribbean
Nicolas Lafaye
Portfolio Manager, South-East Asia & The Pacific
Michelle Schenck
Portfolio Associate, Anglophone Africa
Wesley Schrock
Portfolio Associate, North America and the Caribbean
Lev Plaves
Portfolio Associate, Middle East and South Asia
David Kitusa
Regional Development Officer, Anglophone Africa
Jomay Liu
Knowledge Manager
Chad Sterbenz
Risk Director
Catherine Cocke
Partner Support Coordinator
Rob Schoenbeck
Partnerships Evaluation Manager
Coline Forde
Review and Translation Coordinator
Hannah Katz
Review and Translation Coordinator
Patricia Wada
Manager, Review and Translation Program
Monica Wooters
Review and Translation Coordinator

Product & User Experience

Katherine Woo.
Chief Product Officer
Gerard Niemira
Director, Product Management
Abe Wallin
Design Director
Nick Anderson
Product Manager, Internal Tools
Adam Farmer
Visual Designer
Pete Campion
Sr. Product Manager, Web Optimization and Revenue
Cherry Mangat
Product Manager, Partner Technology


Rick Levenson
Vice President, Engineering
Jen Kobayashi
Senior Manager, Engineering
Tim Ledlie
Senior Software Engineer
Amy Risch
Manager, Engineering (Core Services)
Zvi Boshernitzan
Senior Software Engineer
Sam Mankiewicz.
Chief Technical Officer
Marc Dantona
Manager, IT
Kevin O'Brien
Manager, Engineering (Internal Tools)
Jonathan Kart
Senior Software Engineer
Aswin Venkata
Software Engineer
Noah Balmer
Senior Engineering Manager
Gabriel Castillo
Senior Web Developer
Jim Edlin
Senior Web Developer
Harry Pottash
Senior Software Engineer
Martin Butt
Manager, Engineering
Abhishek Bhatnagar
Software Engineer
Jim Cooley
Director, Technical Operations
Van Mittal-Henkle
Senior Software Engineer
Eliza Leong
Quality Assurance Engineer
Joshua Starkey
Software Engineer
Zahid Zaman
Software Engineer
Andy Kalinowitsch
Manager, Engineering (Partner Microfinance)
Cindy Ijima
Quality Assurance Engineer
Jay Mallatt
Engineering Lead, Dev Ops
Jacob Saur
Software Engineer
Jake Pizzala
Software Engineer - Salesforce
Sarah Huffman
Systems Engineer


Eric Brandt
Kiva Fellows Program Manager
Jacob Schultz
Vice President of People
Shana Soltani
Kiva Fellows Program Coordinator
Christina Marie Chambers
People and Culture Manager
Michael Cusenza
Internship Program Manager
Radhika Warrier
Manager, People and Talent
Verlance Bershaun Friar
Office Manager


Sonali Kothari
Director, Strategic Planning
Ilhama Aliyeva
Sr. Manager, Finance Operations
Maria Zaldivar
Assistant Controller
Carmen Baldizon
Staff Accountant


Austin Choi.
General Counsel
Carolyn Bills
Associate Corporate Counsel


Daniel Jung
Program Manager, Kiva Zip
Akash Trivedi
Program Manager, Kiva Zip
Jonny Price
Senior Director, Kiva Zip
Justin Renfro
Associate Manager, Business Development
Katherine Lynch
Program Associate, Kiva Zip (New York)
Pascalia Sila
Relationship Manager (Kenya)