Support Kiva and help grow your business. Whether it’s through a small business partnership, a revenue sharing program, or simply making loans on behalf of your company, Kiva can provide a double bottom line for your small business.

Kiva Partnership

Align your brand with Kiva’s important mission. Contribute $25,000 or more* and receive a custom benefit package including:

  • Use of Kiva corporate logo
  • Link on Kiva’s Facebook page to your small business site
  • Tweets from Kiva’s Twitter handle
  • Unlimited distribution of custom content about your Kiva partnership on your website or other media

*Considering a contribution of $50,000 or more? Review our Corporate Program benefits.

Other Ideas for How to Get Involved

Want to make a difference with your business, but looking to make a contribution of less than $25,000?  Here are a few ways you and your business can get involved:
Become a Kiva Lender:
What better way to support Kiva than by making loans? Create a Kiva lender account in the name of your business and get started making loans. Share your company's support by linking directly to your public lender page, and let your community see all the borrowers you have supported on Kiva.
To get started, Register here.
Create a Lending Team: 
Want to rally your community? Create a Kiva lending team and encourage your customers, clients, and/or employees to join your team. Together you can track your impact and connect around shared lending goals.
To create a lending team, check out our Community page
Give the gift of Kiva Cards:
Help others get started on Kiva by gifting them Kiva Credit. Kiva Cards allow you to give the gift of helping someone, and also introducing your customers, clients and employees to Kiva’s mission. 
To purchase Kiva Cards, visit our Gifts page
Donate to Kiva:
Consider contributing to Kiva's operating expenses and help us scale! 100% of every dollar loaned on Kiva goes to fund borrowers, so your donations to Kiva's operating expenses are vital to our success. 
Make a donation to Kiva through our Support Us page
Want other ideas for how to support Kiva and resources for how to display your support? Check out the Do More section of our website and our API for more ideas.